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7 Britons dead in Nepal air crash, 12 other passengers also killed

Written on:September 28, 2023
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Nepal has seen ill-fated airplane crashes historically too due to dangerous terrains

Seven Britons were among the 19 passengers killed when a small airplane, Sita Air, collapsed soon after takeoff from Kathmandu airport in Nepal. The cause of the airplane’s crash could have been the airplane ramming into a huge bird of prey.

The unfortunate airplane crashed just after 6 am on Friday on the banks of the Manohara river. The plane was a twin-engined Dornier, the crash of which has also killed five Chinese passengers and four Nepalese travellers, along with the plane’s ill-fated crew, who were also Nepalese.

The crashed plane was en route to the legendary Mount Everest, the site which is so sacred for the impassioned mountaineers internationally. Incidentally, the seven dead Britons had entered Nepal on Wednesday to participate in a trek in the Khumbu Zone around Mount Everest.

These ill-starred Britons were scheduled to reemerge in their motherland on October 16, as per a declaration delivered by Sherpa Adventure Travel, which is the tour agency that arranged the journey of these British travellers.

As per Superintendent Rabiraj Shrestha, the deputy police head at the Tribhuvan International Airport, the climate was full of clarity when the crash happened. But he did assert that immense amounts of trash, positioned on the sides of the airport, magnetised several birds and a deceased eagle was recovered from the ruins of the crash.

The Superintendent indicated that a bird might have been sucked into the engine, thereby generating difficulties, compelling the pilot possibly to decide in favour of emergency landing. Consequently, the plane may have crashed.

Mobile phone video of the locals showed the airplane’s front segment was on fire when it initially struck the ground in the crash site.

Numerous Westerners journey to Nepal annually to voyage and mountaineer in the area around Mount Everest, the globe’s highest peak. Autumn is regarded as the best time to trek in the area. The latest crash was preceded by an avalanche on a Nepalese peak on Sunday that eliminated seven overseas mountaineers and a native Nepalese guide.

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