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Jimmy Savile scandal: Gary Glitter arrested on suspicion of sex crimes

Written on:October 29, 2023
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An inquiry will be initiated into the BBC culture during the time of alleged Jimmy Savile sex crimes

The Jimmy Savile scandal has led to Gary Glitter, the ex-pop star, being detained at home on Sunday. He was interrogated at a London police station as part of the police investigation into the diabolical Jimmy Savile scandal.

The scandal will now generate an inquest into the BBC culture at the time of the purported sexual abuses of girls and boys perpetrated by Jimmy Savile, ex-BBC presenter, who has been characterised by the police as a rapacious sex offender.

Dame Janet Smith, ex-appeal court judge, will also mull over whether the BBC child safeguarding and whistleblowing polices are suitable for purpose. She will assess the practices of the BBC during Jimmy Savile’s lifetime.

Meanwhile, 68-year-old Glitter was, later, discharged on bail until the middle of December. The ex-glam rock star, whose actual name is Paul Gadd, is the initial person to be detained in connection with the Metropolitan Police’s Savile sex abuse investigation.

There will be another review, which will evaluate sexual harassment policies at the BBC. Former Sky News chief, Nick Pollard, is already appraising whether there were BBC managerial failings over the BBC Newsnight investigation into the Savile abuse claims, which was nullified last year.

The Jimmy Savile ITV documentary, telecast some weeks back, and the Panorama Jimmy Savile documentary, telecast even more recently, have opened a can of bacteria about Jimmy Savile’s criminal sexual activities when he was alive. What is even more repellent is the allegation that ex-DJ Jimmy Savile adored necrophilia, which has been levelled by his ex-colleague, Paul Gambaccini.

Labour’s deputy leader, Harriet Harman, deemed that this case represented that vulnerable children’s rights had been infringed. As per Harman, MPs were concerned often with safeguarding alleged abusers’ anonymousness. Victims needed assurances though that they would be trusted.

Meanwhile, BBC Trust chairman, Lord Patten, penned for the Mail on Sunday, in which he expressed doubts that no one at the BBC knew the sexually deviant activities of Jimmy Savile. Lord Patten wrote that it may have been the case that some BBC employees were aware of Savile’s sexual insanity but chose to maintain silence due to the ‘criminal’ Savile’s immense popularity.

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  1. Franklin says:

    Shamelessness!…. that word comes to my mind…

  2. John says:

    Too much adulation for a celebrity is unhealthy…. people, who had been worshipped for years, are now turning out to be creeps of the most harmful kind…

  3. Rudy says:

    A gang of perverts, crooks and defaulters are ruling our country and all we do is give them knighthoods and make them bosses!

  4. Michael says:

    As the case unfolds, the murkier it gets. Jimmy Savile is not the only insane person in the world. There are many and now all those stories would be out.

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