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Johnny Depp death hoax surfaces on internet again

Written on:October 11, 2023
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Johnny Depp death hoax creates a stir on internet

Johnny Depp dead?…Not really. The Lone Ranger star has been subjected to another rude death hoax on the internet as rumours of Johnny Depp’s death surfaced on social media sites which alleged that Johnny Depp died in a freak accident by drowning on the sets of his current flick.

The fresh Johnny Depp death rumours began circulating after news of a crew member’s death on the sets of his latest movie ‘Lone Ranger.’ The unfortunate death had been of Mike Bridger, as confirmed by the Los Angeles law enforcement officials. Mike Bridger had a full cardiac arrest while cleaning a pool tank on the Lone Ranger movie set and died on September 21.

This is not the first time that the Johnny Depp death speculations have hit the internet. In 2010, a French car crash made the entertainment world declare Johnny Depp dead.

Johnny Depp was reported to be in New York at the time of the crew member’s death. Memorials and dictations flooded the internet after Johnny Depp death hoax stories started doing the rounds.

Johnny Depp was recently in news for divorcing his wife Vanessa Paradis after 14 years of wedded life. The reason for the separation was Johnny Depp’s alleged closeness to his The Rum Diary co-star Amber Heard.

While the Dark Shadows star remains embroiled in separation and death hoax fixes, Johnny Depp fans can heave a sigh of relief as the 2012′s highest paid actor according to the Guinness books of World Record, is very much alive and working towards enthralling his fans in future with his upcoming flicks.

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