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Jeremy Forrest to appear in court charged with abducting Megan Stammers

Written on:October 11, 2023
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Teen Megan Stammers became infamous for her escape to France with her teacher, Jeremy Forrest

Jeremy Forrest, a 30-year-old teacher, who attracted the attention of the UK public as he disappeared in France with his 15-year-old student, Megan Stammers, will appear in a UK court later. He has been charged with the abduction of Megan Stammers.

The vanishing of Jeremy Forrest in France with his pupil activated a European search for the two, with the apprehensive families of the disappeared duo pleading in public for their secure return to the UK. A European Arrest Warrant had been issued.

The pair travelled to France on September 20, after which their evaporation in France gained widespread online attention in the UK. The duo was tracked down on September 28 in France’s Bordeaux.

Jeremy Forrest, who didn’t wage a legal battle in France against his extradition proceedings, was extradited from Bordeaux. The teacher, who teaches in an Eastbourne school, arrived in the UK on Wednesday, landing at West Sussex’s Gatwick Airport.

Jeremy Forrest, who hails from Eastern Sussex’s Ringmer, will emerge at the Eastbourne Magistrates’ Court later on Thursday. Subsequently, in a police van, Forrest was transported directly to the Crawley police station in West Sussex.

The teacher’s British lawyer, Phil Smith, had uttered at a Bordeaux court last week that Forrest looked forward to the complete story being revealed in the impending weeks regarding his escape to France with Stammers.

Megan Stammers has come back to her native town and has been reunited with her family. Her head teacher has assured that the school would present support to Stammers as the school wanted to return to normalcy after this unpalatable controversy.

Some media reports have also claimed that Forrest was scheduled to be suspended from his school the day before he ran away to France with his pupil.

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  1. Victoria says:

    Look at how the teacher-student relationship has evolved in this case….I mean… to run away with your student in this way is disgusting….or is there more to this sorry story than meets the eye!!!

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