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Amanda Todd news: Man accused of bullying girl denies harassment

Written on:October 17, 2023
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Amanda Todd’s tormentor posted her topless picture on Facebook

The Canadian man accused of driving 15-year-old Amanda Todd to suicide on October 10 by bullying her over the internet, has denied harassing Amanda Todd. The Vancouver-based man was traced by an international hacktivist group, after Amanda Todd was found to have hanged herself at her home in Canada, subsequent to posting a heart-wrenching YouTube video describing her battle with cyber bullies.

The eight-and-a-half minute Amanda Todd video on YouTube titled “My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm” revealed her years of hidden torment, describing her struggle which led her to drugs and alcohol apart from becoming a manic depressive.

In the video, Amanda Todd described how the stalker bullied her into flashing her breasts into the webcam through an online chatroom, who went on to circulate Amanda Todd pictures across the web. Amanda Todd pictures on Facebook left her friendless and she admitted to have lost all respect and had to move to different city and change school to get away from the tormentor. But the stalker kept abusing her through Facebook.

Describing her “huge mistake” through notecards, the Amanda Todd video also shows her telling about hooking up with a boy at her school, who had a girlfriend. Amanda Todd made out with him and was confronted by his girlfriend at school and was punched “several times” in front of the school, leaving her in a ditch in a terribly wounded state. Amanda Todd also reveals in the video that she was hospitalised after attempting to kill herself by drinking bleach.

Meanwhile, the man who has been held in Amanda Todd death case has said that he got in contact with Amanda after watching her YouTube video in which she was singing. He said that he contacted her to help her trace the culprit as he was a hacker himself.

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