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UK unemployment level dips as economy improves

Written on:October 17, 2023
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Employment Minister Mark Hoban interpreted the latest job figures as a pleasing milestone

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has stated that the UK employment level has increased to 29.59 m for June to August. This statistic means that more Britons are in employment in the UK now than at any time since the employment records commenced in 1971.

The newest statistics also reveal that joblessness has dipped in the UK more than expected, to 7.9 pc from 8.1 pc. Analysts had predicted that the unemployment level would remain unaltered.

The number of Britons claiming unemployment diminished unexpectedly, dipping by 4000 in September since August to 1.57 m. This is the third successive monthly dip.

This jobs in UK news is certain to delight the UK government, which can tell the public that the economic situation is improving in the country. The Conservative-Lib Dem government has been blasted by Labour for ‘misadministration’ of the UK economy.

In the latest statistics, the number of permanent employees has risen by 88,000 to touch 21.45 million. The number of part-time employees has heightened by 125,000 to reach 8.13 million.

Employment Minister, Mark Hoban, has voiced that it is a milestone to eye more Britons in the workforce than ever before. Mark Hoban has praised the private sector for its ‘continued generation’ of jobs despite the strenuous economic times. The Minister credited the Coalition for its ‘welfare reforms’, which are motivating people to return to work.

The Coalition hopes that the private sector continues its job creation to offset the public sector job reductions, as part of the rigid austerity programme.

The vitality in the UK labour market has befuddled most economists and the Bank of England, who are mulling over how a recessionary UK economy can create employment.

Probable rationalizations include a hike in self-employment and part-time salaries as well as the plunging pressure on wages, which are enabling companies to keep hold of labour costs.

The Employment Minister has uttered that the substantial plunge in youth joblessness is wonderful. Nonetheless, the Coalition, as per Hoban, has the £1 billion Youth Contract, which offers almost 500,000 apprenticeships and professional places to enable young Britons to receive a job.

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  1. Colin says:

    The news is perplexing as the UK is supposed to be a recessionary nation currently…..but then it is great that jobs are being created by the private sector….

  2. Geoffrey says:

    Yeah.. even I am surprised…..a recessionary UK creating highest employment ever….anyway, this is a happy news if government statistics are right……..Cheers!!!….

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