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Jimmy Savile news: Freddie Starr arrested in Warwickshire, questioned, bailed

Written on:November 2, 2023
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Karin Ward had accused Freddie Starr of touching her inappropriately in the Savile ITV documentary

The Jimmy Savile case has resulted in other celebrities being detained and interrogated over their alleged participation in Jimmy Savile’s criminality, with the latest celebrity questioned being the 69-year-old Freddie Starr, a prominent comedian and singer of the 1970s.

Freddie Starr, who had been arrested in Warwickshire on Thursday by Metropolitan Police officers on the suspicion of having perpetrated sexual crimes, was granted bail eventually and freed in the early hours of Friday.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman has remarked that Freddie Starr was taken into custody in relation to the national police investigation into the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse case. He was subsequently bailed.

The Jimmy Savile case has seen other celebrities like Gary Glitter also being arrested and bailed subsequently. Gary Glitter, the 1970s pop star, was detained by the detectives over the last weekend, in relation to the Jimmy Savile inquest. The notorious pop star, who led a rather hedonistic lifestyle in his youth, was interrogated at a central London police station and finally bailed till mid-December.

Meanwhile, Freddie Starr had previously uttered that he was ready to talk to the police officers regarding the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal after he become ‘entwined’ in it publicly.

The comedian, renowned for his UK Top 10 single, ‘‘It’s You’’, released in 1974, has repudiated any suggestion that he was involved in any sexual misdemeanor.

Freddie Starr had emerged with Jimmy Savile in an episode of the BBC show, Clunk Click, in 1974, alongside a 14-year-old girl, Karin Ward, who has subsequently accused him of molesting her.

Starr rejected the allegation that he had groped Karin improperly and even uttered that he hadn’t appeared on the concerned show. His lawyer, however, subsequently remarked that Starr was on that show and that he had been mistaken.

Karin Ward was the principal interviewee in the ITV documentary, which exposed the Savile sex abuse scandal some weeks back.

Jimmy Savile victimised sexually 300 people in his lifetime, as per the police, who have said the investigation is a landmark one into child sexual abuse.

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    It would be nice if these people are convicted….otherwise, they are ‘arrested’, questioned and bailed so soon…nothing happens…

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