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Jimmy Savile scandal: Ex-BBC Governor banned Savile from Children In Need

Written on:October 30, 2023
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Sir Richard Jones has lambasted George Entwistle for badly handling the Jimmy Savile affair

Sir Roger Jones, the BBC Governor for Wales from 1997 to 2002, has said the Jimmy Savile rumours, uttered to him by his BBC colleagues in London, made him acknowledge that Jimmy Savile was a pretty creepy personality.

Roger Jones, the chairman of Children In Need from 1999 to 2002, has said he refused to allow Jimmy Savile anywhere near the yearly charity appeal as paedophiliac personalities targeted the telethon. The Jimmy Savile rumours made Jones decide that Savile should be kept away from the telethon.

Jones has remarked that he heightened the child shielding policies when he was with Children In Need. Thus, presenter Jimmy Savile, of BBC during his lifetime, would have been in peril if he attempted to commit a beastly sexual act with a child at the telethon.

The ex-BBC Governor has voiced that he deemed that the Jimmy Savile demeanor was oddball. It couldn’t be said he was a paedophile. Jones couldn’t launch an offensive against Savile as there was no concrete evidence with Jones to suggest that Savile was connected to paedophiliac activity.

The Jimmy Savile scandal, which has mutilated the Late DJ’s reputation after his death, has consisted of grubby allegations of sexual abuse of girls and boys by Savile, even in BBC premises. Jimmy Savile liked necrophilia is the latest grimy accusation against Savile, made by his ex-colleague, Paul Gambaccini. Necrophilia is the practice of sexual intercourse with corpses or the feeling of sexual attraction to corpses.

Gary Glitter, the 70s pop star, was arrested on Sunday by policemen, and bailed later, on the suspicion of perpetrating sexual crimes.

‘Children in Need’ is BBC’s annual corporate charity, which accumulates nearly £40m a year for disadvantaged kids and young persons across the UK.

Roger Jones’ divulgement that paedophiles targeted the annual charity appeal is going to further deface the BBC standing, which has been tattered by the Jimmy Savile scandal. Paedophiles were there in fundraising and in distribution of funds. The annual charity event concentrates on giving grants to projects in the UK, which work to improve the lives of destitute young Britons.

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  1. Mardy says:

    Jimmy and his infamous sickness of the mind….unforgettable….

  2. Harry says:

    Finally a man who could smell danger when he encountered one.

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