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Jimmy Savile organised “lasses only” discos at Broadmoor hospital

Written on:October 16, 2023
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Another disgraceful act by Jimmy Savile…organised all-girls disco at hospital

Another shameful claim on Sir Jimmy Savile’s misdemeanors has emerged as it has been claimed that Jimmy Savile organised all-girl discos at the Broadmoor psychiatric hospital in which he played the role of a ”therapeutic entertainer”.

The latest Jimmy Savile news is that he used his access to the wards to recruit the young women for his private parties where he would be the DJ. Jimmy Savile’s discos in 1970s, which strictly followed a ”lasses only” policy, gave him a chance to access young girls away from the staff.

The Department of Health will investigate as to how and why was Sir Jimmy Savile given an important role at the high security psychiatric hospital. A source told the Daily Mirror, “Savile did whatever he wanted at Broadmoor and nobody could stop him.” A former employee at Broadmoor, who knew Savile but asked not to be named, said, “He had access to all areas. He went where he wanted and spoke to whoever he wanted to. He spoke to all the patients. He would just walk up and have a chat. He was always there.”

Jimmy Savile was considered by the Department of Health as the ideal person to take care of the hospital’s finances and advise on welfare.

A staggering 2,000 calls offering information have merged, since details of Jimmy Savile’s predatory tendencies have evolved. The Metropolitan Police has undertaken a national criminal inquiry after more than 60 victims came forward to claim they had been molested or attacked by Sir Jimmy Savile when they were children.

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