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Jimmy Savile latest: Ex-presenter now accused of sexually abusing 9-year-old

Written on:October 15, 2023
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The scope of the sexual abuse inquest against Jimmy Savile continues to widen

After Jimmy Savile headstone at the Scarborough cemetery was knocked over last week by his family due to the repugnant sexual abuse allegations against him, the ex-presenter has been accused of another similar allegation that he sexually mistreated a 9-year-old Cub Scout in 1976 during filming for a Jim’ll Fix It television show.

The 9-year-old Cub Scout in question, who is 45 years now, is Kevin Cook, who has voiced to The Sun he was warned by Jimmy Savile, after the sexual mistreatment, to be mum on this issue.

Jimmy Savile, whose grave at Scarborough’s graveyard, and whose other concrete commemorations, have been dismantled subsequent to the eruption of hideous sexual abuse allegations, apparently threatened Kevin Cook in 1976 that he shouldn’t tell his friends or relatives about his experience with Savile. Jimmy Savile, BBC’s ex-presenter, mocked 9-year-old Kevin by saying nobody would believe Kevin’s allegations against Savile as Savile was the King.

Kevin has mentioned to The Sun that Savile told him forebodingly that he knew where Kevin resided. Kevin, who is a married man now living in Essex with his wife and three kids, has remarked he felt blameworthy for years because of his ‘unsettling’ experience with Savile.

The Jimmy Savile latest documentary on ITV, telecast some days back, has led to a flood of Metropolitan Police investigations into his sexual past. This documentary, as per Kevin, revived the memory of his encounter with Savile. Also, Jimmy Savile wiki page has received several visits after this documentary broke out.

Hitherto, the police have catalogued 12 allegations of sexual crimes against Savile. But the police, which are pursuing 340 lines of inquest, have uttered that there could be 60 ‘victims.’

Meanwhile, Derek Chinnery, who was BBC Radio 1 controller from 1978 to 1985, where Savile also worked from 1969 to 1989, has said to BBC Radio 4 that he had questioned Savile about the sex abuse rumours against him. Savile had apparently called the rumours ‘nonsense’, which was accepted by Chinnery.

Chinnery has stated he believed Savile as Savile was unmarried, always attracted rumours and was travelling across the UK.

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  1. Roger says:

    This sexual abuse story simply saddens me…. A person granted the knighthood should have done this is appalling…. really disgraceful…. nothing can be done now since Savile is dead….

  2. Sean says:

    It will be difficult to trust people anywhere if they have such dark pasts….. so many allegations are coming out against Savile, they better be true and not for the sake of digging gold…!…

  3. Walter says:

    This guy was a maniac! Raping women and children!! Disgusting! and he can’t even be punished now. Why is justice delayed most of the time?

  4. Jacob says:

    Sometimes it amazes me that we honour crooks and rogues of our country and forget the noble.

  5. Kathy says:

    Oh my god! This guy was a sex maniac and to have bestowed him with knighthood is disgraceful!

  6. Julian says:

    Such a creep! Whta’s the use of digging into a dead man’s past? What were they doing all these years when he was alive?

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