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Jimmy Savile scandal: PR guru Max Clifford says celebs scared by police inquest

Written on:October 27, 2023
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Max Clifford has said the word ‘paedophile’ wasn’t commonly known in the UK in the 60s and 70s

Max Clifford, the PR specialist, has revealed that numerous male celebrities of the 1960s and 1970s have conversed with him lately in a terrified state as they are apprehensive that the broadening police investigation into the Jimmy Savile scandal will incriminate them too in some way.

Max Clifford has voiced to London’s LBC radio that young male pop stars of the 60s and 70s had encountered ecstatic girls, who threw themselves at these males in their dressing rooms at their concerts. Clifford stated that it would be difficult for these celebrities to remember their events of the last week, let alone remember their acts with delirious girls in dressing rooms in 1965 or 1968.

Clifford didn’t pardon those young lads’ behaviour but remarked that their behaviour could be understood as no one had heard the word ‘paedophile’ then.

The dismaying allegations of sexual abuse of girls and boys, levelled against Jimmy Savile, has hurt BBC terribly, which has been forced to defend itself regarding its treatment of this issue when Savile was alive when rumours about his gross ‘sexual appetite’ were doing the rounds on BBC premises. The Panorama Jimmy Savile documentary, telecast recently, was eyed by more than 5 million British viewers, an indication of the dismay that the UK public is experiencing because of this case.

The Jimmy Savile scandal, consisting of bawdy allegations of sexual abuse against the Late BBC presenter, has stunned the British public beyond belief. Adding to these abominable sexual abuse allegations against him, another accusation flung in his direction by his ex-colleague, Paul Gambaccini, is that Jimmy Savile practiced necrophilia during his lifetime.

Max Clifford has stated that these male celebrities of the 60s and 70s were anxious as, at their professional zenith back then, they had led a ‘pleasure-seeking’ lifestyle, in which young girls ‘flung themselves’ at them.

Scotland Yard has remarked that the degree of its investigation into the Jimmy Savile scandal is unimaginable, which involves 300 possible victims of sexual abuse by Savile, who has been unveiled after his life as a voracious sexual abuser and a paedophile.

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