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M4 closure creates maddening traffic logjam across West London

Written on:October 19, 2023
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Commuters say that the M4 traffic gridlock badly affected their schedules

The M4 shutdown generated a traffic gridlock across West London on Thursday, which continued through much of the evening, thereby frustrating the travellers, whose patience was examined unforgivingly by the M4 shutdown, which was assessed as the worst transport disruption in London this year.

The London transport disruption commenced when a 70-year-old man, traversing the M4 on foot, was killed in a crash, which caused the traffic gridlock, which irked the travellers immensely.

It has been reported that some commuters missed their flights from the Heathrow airport. Commuters driving westwards reported three-hour delays leaving the city.

The 70-year-old man, a pensioner, was knocked down by a Scania HGV as he journeyed across the motorway. A motorist apparently endeavoured to provide the pensioner with first aid at the scene but the old man was declared deceased upon the paramedics’ arrival.

Logjams stretched from Heston Services, between junctions two and three, into South Kensington. A patch of the vital motorway, nearly 8 miles long, was shut down for five hours from 4 pm.

Hasan Ali, a director at London Heathrow Cars (LHC), has remarked that one driver of his was forced to drive for three hours to reach Heathrow from West London. Vehicular journeys were taking more than twice as long as normal.

The enraged motorists employed Twitter to demonstrate their annoyance. Even Dame Anne Begg MP tweeted that she was journeying to Heathrow when she was informed about the M4 closure. She tweeted that she deviated to get Paddington Express.

The latest London transport disruption will be an issue that the London transport planners will discuss.

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