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Energy bills in UK to be fairer and simpler soon, vows Ofgem

Written on:October 19, 2023
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Britons could face affordable energy bills from 2013, which is sure to delight them

Energy bills will be simpler, more lucid and more just in the UK, as per an assurance by Ofgem, which has published measures to streamline the UK energy marketplace. A core component of the Ofgem plans compels the energy companies to reveal to the customers the best available deal.

Among other measures elucidated by the energy regulator, one orders the energy companies to annul puzzling tariffs.

Ofgem’s measures have come subsequent to PM David Cameron’s announcement recently that he intended to introduce a law to make energy suppliers give the customers the ‘best value pricelists.’

David Cameron’s aides have expressed that the PM desires to see the ordinary Britons receiving evenhanded energy bills as energy bills have become loftier in the last 12 months in the UK, despite the PM’s convention of an energy summit to diminish energy bills.

British Gas service prices have increased as have prices of other energy companies.

Ofgem has recommended that energy suppliers offer four core tariffs per fuel type-electricity and gas. Ofgem has recommended this to eliminate the bamboozling gamut of energy deals currently in the market. Simplification of tariff structures is necessary, as per Ofgem, which has also remarked that ‘dead tariffs’, which are no longer available, will be debarred to diminish the risk of people paying too much money.

Alistair Buchanan, Ofgem’s chief executive, has remarked that these proposals follow inputs from innumerable customers. Buchanan has been gladdened by some positive initiatives adopted by energy suppliers.

Ofgem has also expressed its intention to thwart price increases and other alterations to fixes-term tariffs. The energy watchdog wants to install new ways for assisting people to switch energy accounts.

Alistair Buchanan has expressed Ofgem’s resolve to go ahead with these proposals, which represent a substantial transformation of the UK retail energy market. Ofgem intends to implement its proposals by summer 2013.

Some consumer outfits have greeted the Ofgem recommendations, saying that they will heighten consumer power and will facilitate easier shopping. Energy companies will now be compelled to restrain their energy prices.

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