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Arnold Schwarzenegger backs Boris Johnson as future UK PM

Written on:October 17, 2023
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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s support for Boris Johnson will add to his rivalry with David Cameron

Hollywood’s action superstar, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has also served as the California Governor formerly, has expressed his endorsement for Boris Johnson as future UK PM. Arnold Schwarzenegger has remarked that the unconventional London Mayor has the characteristics suitable for Number 10.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator star, made these observations in London while publicising his new film, The Last Stand.

Thus, Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose movies based on raw action have generally fascinated the US/UK audiences, must have pleased the Boris Johnson fan club, which sees in the London Mayor the credentials to lead the UK from 2015, provided the Conservatives triumph then in the general elections.

The former California Governor, whose son, Patrick Schwarzenegger, has been associated with modeling and even acting, uttered in London that personality is significant in politics. For Arnold, Boris Johnson is an agreeable person with humorousness and intelligence.

Schwarzenegger, known as bodybuilding man also for his incredibly chiseled physique, mentioned that Boris Johnson is a political visionary, which is another necessity in political life.

Schwarzenegger, of Austrian bloodline, has sympathised with incumbent PM David Cameron as he had ‘inherited’ a massive debt. The famed bodybuilder suggested that David Cameron must not attempt to replicate the London Mayor’s public persona. The consequences of that would be calamitous politically for Cameron, stated Schwarzenegger.

Johnson has been actively positioning himself as a man of the British masses while PM Cameron has been portrayed by Johnson supporters as too ‘serious’ and out of touch with ordinary Britons.

The former California Governor has voiced that he had begun to admire Johnson after voyaging through London on the new cable car and on the ‘Boris bikes.’

However, before the latest bonhomie, the London Mayor had referred to the bodybuilder once as a monosyllabic Austrian cyborg in response to Schwarzenegger labelling a 2007 Johnson speech as fumbling.

But the latest compliment from Schwarzenegger has been welcomed by Johnson, who has expressed that he and Schwarzenegger are politicians, who have demonstrated that local government can be in a position to lead effectively.

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  1. Heath says:

    Boris Johnson as UK PM…. not really….It would be difficult to vote for him….I would still prefer David Cameron or Ed Miliband……..Johnson is too nonconformist….

  2. Geoffrey says:

    Arnold’s opinion does not matter….this is laughable…. the UK people don’t care what Arnold thinks…

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