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‘Newsnight’ talks of paedophile Conservative politician; politician warns BBC

Written on:November 5, 2023
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Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal has thrown light on other sexual abuses of kids in UK care homes

A veteran Conservative politician has been accused by Newsnight, BBC’s current affairs show, of participating in the sexual abuse of under-age boys at a children’s care home in northern Wales.

The Conservative politician, unnamed by Newsnight in its broadcast on Friday, has, however, threatened to sue the BBC for defamation and has remarked that the allegations against him are incorrect. He had never been to the care home in question, voiced the politician, with the politician warning that the BBC would receive a temporary restraining order immediately if it revealed his identity.

Iain Overton, one of the contributors to the Newsnight investigation, had gone to Twitter on Friday, tweeting that a veteran politician would be named by Newsnight on Friday, who is a paedophile too.

The alleged Tory paedophile politician has been accused by Newsnight of involvement in the rape of boys of the care homes, as part of a paedophile pack functioning in Wales in the 1970s and 1980s.

Steve Messham, one of the men sexually abused while he was a child in a care home, has demanded a fresh investigation into the extent of the sexual abuse scandal that bedevilled care homes across northern Wales in the 70s and 80s.

Messham has mentioned to Newsnight that he would like a conference with PM David Cameron to inform the PM the truth about the child sexual abuse scandal that juddered Wales.

Steve Messham voiced to Newsnight that he experienced violent sexual abuse. Messham revealed extremely troublesome details of how he and other boys, hailing from care homes, would be transported to the Crest Hotel in Wrexham, on Sunday nights, only to be raped there. Messham said he had been raped one night by nine males after being tied down.

The boys, including Messham, were raped in cars, where the rapists would be inebriated. But, apart from the Conservative politician, there were other rapists too. The Conservative politician in question raped him more than 12 times, voiced Messham.

Messham and another victim uttered to Newsnight that a senior Tory politician, of the Margaret Thatcher-era, participated in the rape of boys.

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  1. hugh williams says:

    what is this safe idea humans are dangerous animals they systematically kill all other species legally so why would we ever think of safety be on guard thats my thought and thats ordinary people the deviants they are very very dangerous wake up look at humans and avoid them be on guard ?

  2. hugh williams says:

    true you have to assume that any stranger or indeed family member both male and female unless beyond reproach is potentially dangerous

  3. hugh williams says:

    what is wrong with you people do you know nothing about human sexuality paedophilia is part of the sexual spectrum and although we punish it the idea that it can be eliminated is nonsense doctors do it priests do it plumbers do it every group in society will have paedophiles and since they will group together and infiltrate …… the guardian ran an interview with a lesbian lady who tracked hetero women to overcome resistance ie in modern parlance groomed if she was a man the article would have culminated in an arrest its happened since the dawn of time you cannot eliminate it in individuals but you can put up a barrier withing child organisations to an extent at least but please shock horror does not help and the politician well he has not been convicted …..

  4. Anna says:

    This is horrible. Would like to know the identity of this politician. He should be punished publicly.

  5. Daniel says:

    We are not safe anywhere. It’s scary to bring up our children in a world which is full of perverts and criminals.

  6. Ken says:

    The whole thing is getting unpalatable. Alas, the guy died before his ghastly acts were discovered. And i hope this politician is caught soon.

    • hugh williams says:

      what do you mean alas when a dangerous human dies we all feel safer the human idea that the dangerous mentally deranged deviant should not die so that possibly they may be prosecuted is a bit silly ?

  7. Mandy says:

    This is despicable…….and frightening….paedophiliac politicians ruling the UK or existing in the UK…. this is unsettling…

    • hugh williams says:

      politicians are people some people will be sexual deviants i know of no test to determine who is a sexual deviant apart from whether they have a criminal record its simple math in every 100 people a % will be one thing or another remember the us researchers who studied wasps and worked out the % in human groups

  8. Larry says:

    It’s a huge racket which is getting busted slowly

  9. Neil says:

    Great! Now we have paedophiles ruling us? This is absolutely disgusting.

    • hugh williams says:

      in any and i mean any human group a % will be sexual deviants rulers or politicians are unlikely to be different

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