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Petrol prices drop: Nicola Sturgeon says Coalition not firm on fuel price cuts

Written on:November 8, 2023
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Asda has said its fuel price cuts benefit everyone, with no customer having to play a postcode lottery at Asda

The UK petrol prices have been diminished by 2p by supermarket chains like Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. This decision has come to light as the Scottish Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has requested the UK government to take decisive action to curb rising energy prices, which entrench fuel poverty, as per Sturgeon.

Asda was the first company to proclaim a fuel discount, which was followed by Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

The customers will now have to fork out 137.7p for a litre of diesel at Asda’s forecourts. The price of unleaded petrol will now be 131.7p.

The roadside recovery association, AA, has welcomed the supermarket chains’ decision to slash the fuel prices, with its President Edmund King uttering that the supermarket chains have once again led the way as regards fuel price cuts.

Edmund King has voiced that AA believes that there is additional scope for petrol price cuts given wholesale price dips. As per King, high UK fuel prices had made the commuters decrease their vehicular journeys.

The decision to trim the UK fuel prices is going to provide relief to households surviving on low incomes.

Meanwhile, Nicola Sturgeon has exhorted the UK government to be stern with the energy companies so that the petrol prices are reduced for a longer duration. Then, the people, who are struggling now to pay enormous fuel bills, will experience relief.

Scottish government statistics reveal that 658,000 households were in ‘fuel impoverishment’ in 2010, signifying that they have had to expend at least 10% of their income on energy. ‘Fuel poverty’ statistics for 2011 are expected to supersede 800,000.

Nicola Sturgeon has remarked that the Scottish regional government has a broad range of steps to reduce Scottish households’ fuel bills. An extra £6 million was announced by the Scottish government last week, uttered Sturgeon, for the Universal Home Insulation Scheme (UHIS), which will enable 10,000 households to trim their energy bills this winter.

Sturgeon has voiced that the UK government, however, isn’t doing enough to regulate the UK fuel market, which is undercutting the initiatives of the Scottish government to trim fuel prices.

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