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Yorkshire Ripper murders case: Jimmy Savile was questioned by police

Written on:November 8, 2023
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Jimmy Savile

The Sun has alleged that boys were molested for Jimmy Savile’s entertainment at Bryn Estyn in the 1970s

Jimmy Savile, during his lifetime, was interrogated by the police personnel, who were investigating the Yorkshire Ripper murders, as per the revelation of John Stainthorpe, an ex-West Yorkshire Police detective, on Tuesday.

This revelation by John Stainthorpe demonstrates that Jimmy Savile was regarded as a suspect by the police in the infamous Yorkshire Ripper murders case, which rocked the UK more than 30 years back.

John Stainthorpe, a senior police officer associated with the investigations into the Yorkshire Ripper murders, has expressed that the public put forth the name of Jimmy Savile, the ex-BBC employee, as one of the suspects. The person, who provided the police then with the anonymous pointer about Jimmy Savile, was zeroing in on the right man, voiced Stainthorpe to ITV’s Calendar News.

Stainthorpe, who spent 40 years in the police force, uttered that it has been observed that abusers of children soon become child murderers.

Meanwhile, the real Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, who was convicted of murdering 13 females in 1981, and was subsequently granted life imprisonment, has mentioned to The Sun that the people, throwing sexual abuse allegations against Savile now, are getting carried away and indulging in rubbish behaviour.

Peter Sutcliffe is currently being held at Broadmoor, from which he will never be allowed to walk free. Sutcliffe has asserted that Jimmy Savile visited him on numerous occasions at Broadmoor, chatted with him and subsequently left £500 for charitable outfits, which the Yorkshire Ripper was ‘supporting.’

The Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, which has erupted after the Jimmy Savile ITV documentary in October, has led to the Scotland Yard pursuing 400 lines of enquiry against the former BBC DJ. Savile is alleged to be one of the most abundant child abusers of the UK, against whom scores of women and some men have levelled sexual mistreatment allegations recently.

Freddie Starr and Gary Glitter are other celebrities of the 1970s, who have been detained, interrogated and bailed in connection with the Jimmy Savile scandal. Meanwhile, The Sun has asserted that boys were molested for Jimmy Savile’s entertainment at the Bryn Estyn in the 1970s.

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