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Camp Bastion in Afghanistan gets joy as UK servicewoman delivers baby boy

Written on:September 20, 2023
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Baby boy born at Camp Bastion is the first delivery of a UK soldier in Afghanistan

Camp Bastion in Afghanistan has been witness to an unexpected joyfulness as a British servicewoman serving in Afghanistan has procreated a baby boy in the Camp Bastion Field Hospital. The procreation occurred on Tuesday, as per the UK Ministry of Defence.

The Ministry of Defence has asserted that Mom and child are in steady medical condition and are being awarded excellent medical care. The mother and her infant are scheduled to voyage to the UK in the coming days after an expert medical squad comes to Camp Bastion from the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

As per the Daily Mail, the servicewoman, a Mom now, was unconscious of her pregnancy initially. Her pregnant condition was uncovered only when she went to the physicians at Camp Bastion complaining of stomach ache. She delivered the baby five weeks prematurely.

The UK Defence Ministry has voiced that an expert Paediatric Retrieval Team is being constituted, which will present complete care to the mother and infant when they are being flown home.

Understandably, this procreation has raised the issue of pregnant military women in the UK military. The Ministry has defended itself, uttering that it was unaware of the pregnant state of the servicewoman. It isn’t UK military policy to permit expecting servicewoman to be deployed in military operations.

According to the Daily Mail, the servicewoman functioned as a gunner with the Royal Artillery and had been deployed since March with the 17th Mechanised Brigade.

This woman is the first UK soldier to deliver a baby while serving in Afghanistan. The gunner was in her 34th week of pregnancy when she entered labour. The baby was reportedly conceived before the woman came to Afghanistan to commence her six-month tour.

The woman had reportedly succeeded in fitness examinations such as an 8-mile run with a 25lb backpack.

Certain countries in the world like India, for example, don’t allow female soldiers to perform combat roles due to the fear of them being captured and violated by the enemy soldiers.

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