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New food labelling system to help consumers choose healthier options

Written on:October 24, 2023
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New food labelling system to help customers identify healthier food options

The Health Ministry is likely to announce new food labelling across all supermarkets, so that customers can identify healthier options in a much easier way, as clear information on the content of the food will be provided with the new food labelling system.

The new food labelling system will include information on guideline daily amounts (GDAs), and be colour coded with a traffic light system, while also using the words “high” “medium” or “low” to provide information to people about how much fat, saturated fat, salt, sugar and calories are present in food products.

Health Minister Anna Soubry said that the UK has the largest number of products with front of pack labels in Europe. But through research it was found that consumers get confused with the wide variety of labels used. The Health Minister said that the new food labelling system helps understand the contents of the food at a glance, in turn helping consumers to choose healthier options and reduce calorie intake.

The design of the new food labelling system is yet to be decided and it is expected to be in use by summer next year.

Peter Hollins, chief executive at the British Heart Foundation, said, “This is a quantum leap for public health and the result of tireless work by health campaigners and positive action by our governments. It’s now down to each and every retailer and manufacturer to step up and introduce these consistent front of pack food labels, including traffic light colours, so shoppers can make healthy food choices at a glance.”

The new food labelling system aims to tackle obesity and diet related issues plaguing the UK so that people can make informed choices.

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