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Boris Johnson favoured for Tory leadership

Written on:July 30, 2023
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Boris Johnson ... favoured as the next Tory leader!

Tory Boris Johnson has emerged as the favourite choice of the Conservatives to succeed David Cameron as the new leader after the prime minister got lukewarm support.

Recent polls surprised by favouring Johnson, the Mayor of London, as the next leader of the party while current prime minister of Britain faced a lack of support. The poll showed that 32 percent supported the London Mayor in a survey conducted by the ConservativeHome website.

Main rival George Osborne received as less as two percent support which has clearly shown as Johnson as the favourite to lead the party in the next term. Other rivals at the poll included the Foreign Secretary William Hague (24 percent) and the Education Secretary Michael Gove (19 percent).

David Cameron received a less than expected support in the survey of 49 percent supporters, wherein the Conservative members are traditionally loyal to the leader. Johnson came in at the second at 18 percent and Hague received support of 12 percent. Lack of support for Mr. Cameron suggests that Tory are sceptical of retaining power in the next election. The toll also revealed that there are 53 percent chances of Labour to come back in power while 47 percent still believe Tories will be in office.

The Coalition has also found little support from Tory with most believing that it should end their partnership soon and set their own plans before the elections. Mr. Johnson should be happy with the survey as he has found some support with the Conservative Mps and has emerged as the most popular Tory politician in the country.


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