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Tony Blair calls for global intervention to contain Muslim protests

Written on:September 18, 2023
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Tony Blair appeals to global leaders for Middle East calm

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has expressed apprehension over the rising violence which has stemmed from a 14-minute American video that went viral on YouTube called ‘Innocence Of Muslims’, depicting the Prophet Mohammed as a fraud and womaniser.

Tony Blair, who is now Middle East envoy for the Quartet of powers, said, “The film, it may be wrong and offensive but it is also laughable as a piece of film-making. What I am afraid is very dangerous and actually is wrong is the reaction to it.”

Blair urged the global leaders to stand up to the extremists who launched violent attacks across Middle East in protest against the blasphemous video.

Of repressive regimes in Libya and other parts of Middle East, Blair said, “I just see a region that is in the process of huge transition. There is essentially a struggle between the forces of modernisation, who want an open society, a properly functioning economy, who recognise the 21st century is the 21st century, and then those of reaction based on a perverted view of religion, that want to pull the whole thing backwards.”

Meanwhile, Iran has vowed to find the filmmaker who is responsible for provoking the Muslim fraternity across the world. Fresh violence broke out in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Iranian Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi issued a direct warning to Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the Californian dweller, responsible for the video, declaring that he would be tracked down for producing offensive and inappropriate content, while insulting 1.5 billion Muslims across the world.

Blasphemous YouTube video sparks outrage in Muslim fraternity

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