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Dead Jimmy Savile to undergo criminal investigation by Scotland Yard

Written on:October 19, 2023
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BBC Panorama documentary could air on Monday looking at sex abuse allegations against Savile

Dead Jimmy Savile, who has been the recipient of allegations of sexual abuse of children, has had a police inquest against the allegations going on for some days, which has now become a formal criminal investigation involving other living persons, as per Scotland Yard.

Investigators have ascertained that there are lines of inquiry involving living persons, which necessitate an ‘official investigation.’ Operation Yewtree had gone from the level of assessment to a formal criminal inquiry.

Scotland Yard has remarked that it has been collecting data for two weeks, which has consisted of more than 400 lines of inquiry. The investigatory organisation has identified more than 200 possible victims.

Initially, Operation Yewtree contained only an ‘appraisal’ of the reprehensible allegations against the former BBC presenter. The appraisal was initiated after a downpour of sex abuse allegations levelled against him earlier this month in the Jimmy Savile ITV documentary.

It has also emerged that BBC News might telecast Panorama on Monday, which would be a special edition scrutinising issues related to Jimmy Savile’s alleged sexual crimes. The BBC Panorama documentary on him, if telecast, could be watched by numerous people.

The NSPCC, a child rights organisation, has stated on Friday that it is possible that Jimmy Savile was one of the most abundant sex offenders that NSPCC has ever come across.

Highly disturbing Jimmy Savile jokes have emerged online in the aftermath of that explosive ITV documentary. Jimmy Savile, whose Wiki profile must have attracted many visitors in the recent past, has had to endure ignominy after his death.

Dame Janet Smith, who chaired the Shipman Inquiry, has been nominated to chair an inquest into Jimmy Savile’s time at BBC. Scotland Yard has voiced that they need her contribution to advance the investigation to a logical conclusion.

Scotland Yard has stated that the BBC can conduct now its own corresponding investigation to the police’s criminal inquiry.

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