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Tom Cruise sues US magazines for ‘defaming’ his relationship with Suri Cruise

Written on:October 25, 2023
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Tom Cruise has previously threatened to sue National Enquirer for unfavourable coverage of his divorce

Suri Cruise, the six-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, has been the centre of tabloid controversies ever since her parents separated in July, with the latest controversy being that Tom Cruise has sued two US magazines, which claimed that the Mission Impossible star had dumped Suri after he split from Katie Holmes.

The two US magazines in question are Life & Style and In Touch, which have been attacked by a £31m lawsuit by Tom Cruise, as per the Top Gun star’s lawyer, Bert Fields.

Fields has uttered to the celebrity website, TMZ, that Tom Cruise is an affectionate father, who adores Suri Cruise. Suri will always be a crucial ingredient of his life. The magazines’ claims were repugnant, uttered Fields, who also remarked that vicious untruths about Tom were spread by those two magazines.

The lawsuit has been launched by Tom Cruise, who has accused the two magazines of writing defamatory articles about him. One of the ‘libelous’ articles in question was on the front cover of the July 30 issue of Life & Style, which had the headline, ‘Suri in tears, abandoned by her daddy.’ The other ‘slanderous’ article existed on the front of the October 1 issue of In Touch, which was headlined, ‘Abandoned by Daddy.’

Bert Fields has voiced that Tom Cruise isn’t fond of launching litigations frequently. But the magazines, which were labelled ‘sleaze peddlers’ by Fields, had spread despicable lies about the relationship between Suri Cruise and tom Cruise. That has prompted Tom to file a lawsuit.

Tom Cruise’s practice of scientology, which is a ‘controversial’ spiritual path, has been spotlighted even more after his July breakup with Katie Holmes. Tom has earlier threatened to sue US gossip magazines like National Enquirer for unfavourably covering his divorce with Holmes.

The two magazines under fire happen to be owned by the Bauer Publishing Group, the UK bureau of which has not issued a response hitherto to Tom Cruise’s lawsuit, which has been filed in the LA federal court. Any proceeds from the lawsuit would be donated to charity, as per Fields.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    These gossip magazines deserve to be punished….these magazines do work that serves no sensible purpose….all they do is indulge in slanderous behaviour….that ruins reputations…and families….

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