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5th November sees fireworks protest in London in memory of Guy Fawkes

Written on:November 6, 2023
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The ‘Guy Fawkes Day’ protests in Parliament Square were against UK’s current ‘system’

5th of November, known as ‘Guy Fawkes Day’, saw numerous protesters descend on the Parliament to protest against the government and the existing political system in the UK.

The protest, titled Operation Vendetta, was conducted by Anonymous, the hacker-activist outfit. Operation Vendetta commenced in Trafalgar Square at about 6 pm on 5th November.

Members of Anonymous, who were constantly being monitored by a police helicopter, marched down Whitehall to Parliament Square, where they launched, in memory of Guy Fawkes, fireworks into the Palace of Westminster.

As part of the protest, dozen protestors lay down in the centre of the road, as a result of which traffic had to be diverted from the east side of the square.

During the Guy Fawkes protest night, protestors came to vent their opposition to the governmental censorship of the web. The UK government’s austerity measures and its treatment of the handicapped people were other issues, which were causes of the protest on 5th of November.

One 28-year-old protestor in London, named Apple Bloom, uttered that the protestors were like Guy Fawkes in the sense that they wanted to ‘alter the system’ prevailing in the UK currently. Apple Bloom remarked that the protestors weren’t against capitalism but were in favour of humanising it to trim the widening gap between the rich and deprived Britons.

The Metropolitan Police remarked that it was a largely tranquil protest but 10 protesters had been arrested for public disorder offences.

The Guy Fawkes Day also saw worldwide cyber attacks. There was a demonstration in Washington DC too on Monday.

The protest in London on 5th of November was timed to overlap with the anniversary of the failed gunpowder plot of 1605 to detonate the House of Lords.

The 1605 gunpowder plot involved Guy Fawkes, a Catholic Englishman, who was arrested while safeguarding a cache of explosives, which were placed underneath the House of Lords by a group of English Catholic conspirators. The aim of the conspirators was to destroy the House of Lords and assassinate the then Protestant English King James I. The conspirators desired a Catholic English King.

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  1. Shaun says:

    How terribly narrow minded to think that there would be no jobs if it were not for capitalism. No surprise A.Realist’s entrepreneurial enterprises has failed. Probably due to lack of imagination.
    As for UKIP being the party to save us - you need also to get outside this party political mindset. They are all funded by the same corporate structure. UKIP will e exactly the same as the others. Mahammed AlFayed had it weighed up many years ago when he commented that the UK is a ‘sham democracy.’ Your democracy is an illusion. Only those fooled by the illusion believe that things will improve with our current ‘democracy.’

  2. A. Realist says:

    “Apple Bloom remarked that the protestors weren’t against capitalism but were in favour of humanising it to trim the widening gap between the rich and deprived Britons.”

    Capitalism - An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit.

    Like it or hate it, without capitalism, there would be NO JOBS.

    The best we can hope for is that the people of Great Britain begin to see sense & refuse to vote for any party notorious for bringing in laws that no one has voted for. We need a leader who runs this country as a business. What good businessman runs a business with the aim of going bankrupt? None that I’m aware of.

    If the UK were to be treated as a business, we would for starters, need to have a product to sell. We used to be the greatest engineers in the world: now we have nothing to export. Almost all production is outsourced to eastern countries. We have no tangible industry left, hence a serious unemployment/debt problem.

    If someone invents a great product which proves to be popular, that someone can go into production & create potentially thousands of jobs thus benefiting thousands of people. That someone has done their bit & deserves to keep every penny of their hard earned profit. If that someone wants to buy a huge house or an expensive car, good luck to him or her, they’ve earned the right - & the money, to do that.

    I am a serial entrepreneur. I have tried several harebrained business ideas, most of which haven’t worked. If a business idea doesn’t work, I quit & try something else. Eventually, I came up with something which did work &, while I don’t earn a fortune, at least I earn from it.

    Our current governMENTAL system DOESN’T WORK. The answer is to stop & try something else entirely. For starters, a government one tenth the size of our current system would save a few billion each year. Either that money could be restored to those who earned it (us taxpayers), which would make life itself more affordable, or the money could be invested in the next generation of Richard Bransons or Alan Sugars (those who know how to make money). Think what great inventions could once again come out of the UK if that were to happen? It would put the UK back on the map.

    Instead, we see dumbed down education (most teens can’t spell - u no im rite) which means a generation of clueless people, crippling taxes & excise duty, a struggle to find & keep a job for any length of time & a government which is completely out of touch & out of control.

    The next government will also be out of touch & out of control.

    The one after that will be out of touch & out of control.

    This will carry on until there is nothing left but despair & fear, but still, the people of the UK will continue to vote Tory, Labour, Lib Dem, Tory, Labour, Lib Dem, Tory, Labour, Lib Dem. We’re voting for idiots. All three parties are dragging us kicking & screaming towards bigger, more centralised government, each promising “change” - which turns out to be a barefaced lie every time. This has gone on long enough. IT DOES NOT WORK but we continue to vote for it anyway. It amounts to pandemic insanity.

    The only party that seems to be talking any real sense these days is UKIP. They may not be perfect but I think imperfection is infinitely better than outright stupidity.

    I will be voting UKIP in the next election. Care to join me?

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