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Pittsburgh Zoo Death: Toddler’s killing by African painted dogs worries visitors

Written on:November 6, 2023
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The 2-year-old toddler, Maddox Derkosh, fell into an enclosure containing 11 African Painted Dogs

The Pittsburgh Zoo was shut down on Monday as a consequence of the death of a 2-year-old boy, who was attacked savagely on Sunday by African painted dogs on exhibit at the Zoo.

Barbara Baker, CEO of the Pittsburgh Zoo, has uttered that the African painted dogs were subsequently quarantined but hadn’t been put to death.

This was the first death reportedly at the Pittsburgh Zoo. As per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the ill-fated kid was with his Mom. The police have remarked that the kid, named Maddox Derkosh, fell into the enclosure of the African painted dogs after his Mom held him up so that the boy could see the animals clearly.

In a press conference, Barbara Baker has asserted somberly that the boy was so small that he rebounded of the netting, which is intended to prevent anyone falling into the enclosure of the African painted dogs, which are known for their predatory conduct.

The ill-omened boy plunged into the exhibit that contained 11 wild dogs. In accordance with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the medical examiner has uttered that the toddler’s demise was not due to the fall into the enclosure.

The Pittsburgh Zoo death was so dismaying that the Zoo remained inoperative on Monday. As per Barbara Baker, the zoo employees could not penetrate the enclosure to rescue the toddler as the situation was too perilous. The employees resorted to firing dummy tranquilizer guns to frighten the African painted dogs. A genuine tranquilizer gun could have eliminated the toddler too.

Eventually, the police shot fatally one of the four dogs, who refused to leave the toddler, who was being mauled.

The unusualness and savageness of the Pittsburgh Zoo death has disturbed other Pittsburghers, especially the parents, who take their kids to the aforementioned popular zoo. Parents are likely to adopt additional safety measures at the zoo following this tragedy.

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