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Jimmy Savile inquiry: Ex-BBC producer arrested on suspicion of sexual crimes

Written on:November 12, 2023
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Jimmy Savile

BBC’s acting DG, Tim Davie, has urged senior managers to unite for BBC’s welfare after the Jimmy Savile scandal

Ex-BBC producer, Wilfred De’Ath, who once produced a Jimmy Savile radio programme, was detained in Cambridgeshire by detectives in relation to the Met Police investigation into the sexual abuse claims against the Late Jimmy Savile, the popular BBC TV presenter, who was knighted in his lifetime.

The septuagenarian Wilfred De’Ath was arrested on suspicion of perpetrating sexual misdemeanors and was taken into police custody locally, before receiving bail till December. A Met Police spokesman has remarked that a man was detained as part of the Operation Yewtree probe into the allegations against Jimmy Savile, who died in 2011.

Neighbours of Wilfred De’Ath have remarked to the media that the detectives removed bags from Wilfred’s property. As per the police, Jimmy Savile may have sexually abused 300 people over a 40-year phase.

Meanwhile, George Entwistle, who exited the post of BBC’s Director-General Saturday, has been pilloried by UK MPs for receiving a year’s remuneration from the BBC worth £450,000. Harriet Harman, the Labour deputy chief, has voiced that the payout to George Entwistle was unjustifiable.

John Whittingdale, Conservative chairman of the Commons Culture Committee, has asked pointedly why the BBC Trust deems that the payout to George Entwistle is appropriate. George Entwistle had resigned subsequent to a Newsnight report, which inaccurately accused an ex-Conservative treasurer of sexually abusing children.

Acting Director General, Tim Davie, has requested BBC managers to unite for organisational welfare.

Meanwhile, Peter Sutcliffe, aka the Yorkshire Ripper, the man convicted for murdering 13 females in the 1980s, had defended Jimmy Savile’s character recently, saying that his accusers were jumping on the bandwagon and leveling rubbish accusations against Savile, who had recommended that the Ripper be allowed sex while he is incarcerated at Broadmoor, the psychiatric hospital.

Savile’s recommendation came when he was with a Broadmoor task force, constituted to enhance the conditions at Broadmoor for staffers and ‘patients.’

The Met Police investigation into the Savile sex abuse claims has led to some celebrities being arrested, interrogated and bailed like Freddie Starr and Gary Glitter on suspicion of sexual abuse with Savile as well as independently of Savile.

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