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Jimmy Savile wanted Yorkshire Ripper to be allowed sex in Broadmoor

Written on:November 9, 2023
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Broadmoor has refused to release documents to The Sun, which link Jimmy Savile to the Yorkshire Ripper

During his lifetime, Jimmy Savile had requested that the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, be permitted to participate in sexual activity inside the secure Broadmoor hospital, where the Yorkshire Ripper was incarcerated subsequent to his conviction for the murder of 13 females in 1981.

Weeks after the Late BBC DJ was made the chief of a Broadmoor task force to enhance the conditions of Broadmoor staffers and patients, Jimmy Savile urged that the Yorkshire Ripper and other patients be allowed to intermingle freely to prevent them from having homosexual urges.

As per The Sun, Jimmy Savile had accessed a UK governmental document, which cautioned that, in prisons like Broadmoor, the clampdown on heterosexual activity has led to a state, in which homosexual activity is publicly tolerated.

Meanwhile, Professor David Wilson, a prominent British analyst of serial murderers, has remarked that the coincidences between Jimmy Savile and the Ripper are increasing daily.

The Jim’ll Fix It star had also remarked that the convicted murderers should be treated with compassion. The convicts at Broadmoor need to be provided with some reason to undergo rehabilitation. Sexual and romantic activities represented one strong reason for the Broadmoor convicts to experience rehabilitation.

The Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal, which is being investigated by Scotland Yard currently, could have about 300-400 victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by Jimmy Savile. Allegations of sexual abuse against him have flooded the news media in the last few weeks, especially after the ITV Jimmy Savile sex abuse documentary.

Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr, two celebrities of yesteryears, have been arrested, queried and bailed in the last two weeks by the police in connection to the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Meanwhile, as per The Sun, Savile had opined that Broadmoor shouldn’t force all its male inmates to live separately from the female inmates.

Meanwhile, Labourite Jack Straw, ex-Home Secretary, has narrated that he escaped from a paedophile in Brentwood, Essex at the age of 11. The paedophile circled Straw on his bike and promised Straw a bus fare if he came to the bushes with him. But Straw eventually fled.

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  1. Mardy says:

    Capital punishment must be brought back… Sutcliffe is still living….it sickens me….

  2. George says:

    Absolutely disgraceful…. a convict like Sutcliffe should be hung… bring back the capital punishment for Sutcliffe…instead, Savile was requesting sex for Sutcliffe….

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