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Will Ed Miliband be the next Prime Minister of UK?

Written on:September 18, 2023
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Labour Party acquires 15-point lead in latest opinion poll

The Populus opinion poll for The Times has shown the Labour Party taking a 15-point lead over the Conservative Party in the quest for victory at the UK general elections in 2015.

Such a massive lead for a political party is the biggest ever recorded in a mainstream opinion poll during this UK Parliament’s existence. If this kind of lead is achieved by the Labour Party in the elections scheduled for 2015, Labour would attain a landslide electoral triumph.

1510 UK voters were questioned by Populus between September 14 and September 16. Nearly 45% of the voters expressed that they would choose Labour in 2015, which was quite above the Conservatives, chosen by about 30% of the voters. The Liberal Democrats were preferred by about 10% of the voters.

The opinion poll shows that Labour’s young leader, Ed Miliband, is guiding the party in the correct ideological direction as the incumbent UK coalition government, headed by Conservative PM David Cameron, comes under heavy criticism for the recessionary condition of the UK economy, which is causing discomfort in the lives of ordinary Britons.

However, when the voters were questioned about their Prime Ministerial preference, 31% preferred Ed Miliband as UK’s PM while 60% preferred that David Cameron remain the occupant of 10 Downing Street.

The aforesaid statistic will be a source of unhappiness for Miliband, who needs to work harder to improve his public image.

Of those voters, who had opted for David Cameron, 23% remarked that they were satisfied with his performance as PM so far. However, the remaining 37% asserted that they were discontented by his actions so far. But this 37% voiced that Cameron would perform better as PM than Ed Miliband.

The result of the latest opinion poll reveals the growing disenchantment of the UK public with the sitting Conservative-Liberal Democrat government. The Coalition has been bedevilled by philosophical differences over policy issues.

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