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Beware!Dead frog found in Tesco spinach bag for the second time!

Written on:September 19, 2023
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Dead frog in Tesco spinach bag raises doubts over standards

When somebody like actress Sarah Moss finds a dead frog in their spinach bag bought from Tesco, its bound to create ripples. Moss was the latest Londoner to get the shock of her life when she found a dead frog inside her spinach bag. This is the second case in two weeks.

A Shoreditch dweller, 26-year-old Sarah Moss, had made a salad and had used the spinach leaves for dressing it, while she was eating with a friend. The dead frog was spotted on the plate at that time. Upset by the sight of the corpse on her plate, Moss said, “We must have been eating it for five minutes when her fork pierced something that wasn’t supposed to be there. My friend was sick several times as she is a vegetarian.”

The actress has been compensated with £10 gift voucher by Tesco. A Tesco spokesperson said, “We set ourselves very high standards for the safety of our food and for customer service, and we’re really sorry that they weren’t met on this occasion. We have apologised to our customer, and we are urgently investigating how this happened with our supplier.”

Last week, Olly Goldenberg, an author from Northolt, found a dead frog in his Tesco spinach bag. Goldenberg, a father of five, was left speechless when he found the dead amphibian among the salad leaves. The author was refunded his money at his local store in Northolt. He criticised Tesco for refusing to give out more compensation until after an investigation.

Disgusted with his experience, he said, “My wife served the spinach with some eggs and cheese. I sat down to start eating and saw the frog. My wife is breast-feeding and is feeling sick at the thought of it as she had already eaten most of the spinach on her plate. This is not about money, there is something wrong here and this is below the standards you would expect.”

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