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Lib Dem Conference: Nick Clegg to praise party’s commitment to Coalition

Written on:September 26, 2023
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Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg will paint a meaningful political future for his party at the Lib Dem Conference in Brighton

The ongoing Lib Dem Conference will see Deputy PM Nick Clegg speechify later today to the party members, in which Clegg will exhort the Liberal Democrats to continue the incumbent Coalition government till 2015.

Nick Clegg’s speech, to be delivered at the Conference’s conclusion in Brighton, will see him maintain that the Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition is on a road to success. The Deputy PM will also vow additional money for 110,000 kids in the UK, who are battling to comprehend Mathematics and English.

Clegg, who has been in the spotlight lately with his videoed apology over the Lib Dem turnabout on university tuition fees hike, will inform his party faithful that the Lib Dems’ efforts to restructure UK are unfinished.

The Lib Dems have been entangled in increasing policy divergences with the Conservatives lately, which is unsurprising as their ideology respectively on miscellaneous issues is fundamentally at odds with each other.

In this context, Clegg will observe that the Lib Dems have adhered to the Coalition agreement, despite being viewed as a party incapable of transitioning from the opposition to the government. The Liberal Democrats, which were conventionally referred to as a protest party, have proven they are a party of government too through their adherence to the Coalition.

Clegg will remark the Lib Dems have made difficult decisions under tough circumstances since 2010. Their resolve has been examined thoroughly but they have been determined.

Clegg’s speech will assert the necessity for Lib Dems to function with the Conservatives cooperatively to legislate proposals for the benefit of the hassled UK population. It would be too easy for the Lib Dems to be in the opposition and constantly throw criticisms on any government without playing any role in policy formulation designed to assist the British people. The Lib Dems must try to achieve their transformational objectives while in a coalition too.

Meanwhile, Lib Dem sources have confirmed that the party would look at restricting benefits like winter fuel subsidies, gratis TV licenses and bus passes for pensioners with assets exceeding £1m.

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