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John McAfee disguises self, moves every four hours to dodge Belize police

Written on:November 16, 2023
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John McAfee on the run in central American jungle to escape Belizean police

John McAfee, the man behind the world’s biggest computer security companies McAfee, who has been hiding from Belize police after his American neighbor was murdered, has claimed that Belize authorities have been planning an ‘imminent’ raid to arrest him.

John McAfee has been hiding in Belize, unarmed with a woman companion, changing locations and telephones frequntly, to dodge Belize police, who, he claims, want him dead. Earlier, Belizean Prime Minister Dean Barrow said McAfee has gone “bonkers” and was only wanted for questioning and should report to authorities.

The tech genius is wanted by the Belize police for investigating the murder of Gregory Faull, a 52-year-old businessman from Florida, who was found on Sunday, lying face up in a pool of blood with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head.

In what the Belize Prime Minister quoted as “paranoia”, McAfee said that four of his dogs were poisoned late last week, but that he didn’t initially suspect Faull of having killed them, though he knew Faull didn’t like the dogs. John McAfee said that he was worried that he was the intended target. To the Wired Magazine, John McAfee was quoted as saying, I thought maybe they were coming for me. They mistook him for me. They got the wrong house. He’s dead. They killed him. It spooked me out.”

John McAfee further went onto say that he suspected Belize police to have poisoned his dogs. John McAfee had moved to Belize to reduce his exposure to tax and had apparently become an irritant to his neighbours, courtesy his dogs.

The 67-year-old tech guru has adopted a disguise and is moving every four hours in the Central American jungle in an attempt to evade authorities.

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