Teenagers stabbed to death in West Yorkshire

Written on:March 12, 2024
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Teenagers stabbed to death in West Yorkshire

Photo: The Mirror

A murder investigation of two women, who were found dead in the early hours of Saturday at a flat in West Yorkshire, is underway after police was alarmed from 250 miles away by one victim’s sister.

Kimberley Frank, 17 and Samantha Sykes, 18, were stabbed to death in a first floor flat on Barden Road, Eastmoor, Wakefield, on Saturday. Bodies of both the teenage girls were found after Elisa, 19, from Kent tipped off police. Elisa is believed to be Kimberley Frank’s sister.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman on Sunday evening said, “Officers were contacted by Kent Police at 4.47am (on Saturday) after a 19-year-old woman in Dover raised concerns for the safety of two women from the West Yorkshire area.”

Following a search of a flat on Barden Road, Wakefield, the bodies of two deceased females were found,” he added. “A post-mortem carried out this evening has revealed that they died as the result of stab wounds.” Police also believes the teenagers died on Friday night.

The flat, were the girls were found dead, was notorious for hosting loud parties, claimed a neighbour. One of the neighbours told police that they last saw Kim at her flat on Thursday night with three lads.

“They had a party on Thursday. The lads appeared about 6 or 7pm. They were drinking and the music got really loud by about 10pm. The lights were still on in the flat when I went to bed. The curtains have been closed since, “said a neighbour.

Police has reportedly arrested three people – two men aged 19 and 23 and a 19-year-old woman – on suspicion of murder.

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